What to Do in Brittany France


Brittany is one of the attractive tourist destinations in France. France’s northwesternmost region is a hilly peninsula extending out toward the Atlantic Ocean. A beautiful scenic area surrounded by mountains and oceans. Its long, rounded coastline is dotted with seaside resorts such as chic dinners and walled Saint-Malo, built by the rock on the English Channel. The Pink Granite Coast is famed for its unusual, blush-hued sand and rocks. Brittany is famous for its abundant prehistoric menhirs. During the summer months, temperatures may reach 30 degrees Celsius in the region, yet the climate remains comfortable. And even though the winter temperature is about fifteen degrees, it varies depending on the proximity of the sea.

What to Do in Brittany France

There is also has a diversity of cuisines in this coastal region. Crepes and galettes are the two most popular Breton dishes. They traditionally replaced bread as basic food and they can be served with cheese, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, or eggs. Also, good quality hotels and restaurants are available here. So it can be a nice destination for tourists.

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