What to Do at Clearwater Beach Florida


One of the most attractive places for tourists to visit is Clearwater Beach, Florida. Recently in 2019, Clearwater Beach was ranked as the best beach in the United States. It is a resort area in the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County on the west-central coast of Florida. This beach is known for soft, white sand. The climate at Clearwater Beach is humid and tropical. Its temperature is around 18 ° C in winter and 35 ° C in summer.

This beach is a central spot for travelers and includes a playground, a snack bar with an attached souvenir shop, and a long fishing pier. It’s the site of a daily event called Sunset at Pier 60, which includes street performances and musical instruments. Shepherd’s Beach Resort and Palm Pavilion Inn are two of the area’s most popular nightspots. There are several French restaurants and retail stores, including Surf Style and the Ron Zone Surf Shop.

What to Do at Clearwater Beach Florida

There are numerous restaurants and shops adjacent to the beach, which are of modern quality. Also, directly across from the Pier is the Clearwater Municipal Marina, which offers deep-sea fishing and boating activities for visitors.

From the beach in the Island Estates area to Causeway is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, as well as grocery stores and other amenities. So the beach may be one of the best places to visit for you.

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