Tunnels Beach Hawaii


Tunnels Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit the beach. It is a beautiful tourist center in Kauai, in the state of Hawaii, USA. Every year many tourists enjoy this beach. Located at Hyena Point, on the northern shore of Kauai, Tunnels Beach (aka Makua Beach) is a postcard-perfect stretch of golden sand with ironwood trees, tropical palm, and lush hills. Most of the shoreline is lined with beaches, which are not generally favored by swimmers, yet Tunnels Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the north shore.

Tunnels Beach Hawaii

On the golden sand, there are high hills on one side of the beach. The beach is surrounded by green trees. Occasionally clouds can be seen in the mountains. In addition, there are good beaches for snorkeling, diving, surfing, and windsurfing, an inland wall and an exterior reef, dangerous swimming conditions during the winter months due to strong currents and high surf. A popular surf break called Tunnels is located on the outer edge of the reef, which is a sight for both surfers and windsurfers. This is for experts only. A broad channel lies between the two reefs.

Tunnels Beach Hawaii

There are good quality hotels along the beach. There are all kinds of good-quality beach access. This tunnel beach can be a beautiful destination for tourists.

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