Menorca Beach


Menorca is an island in the Balearic Islands, Spain. It is located in the middle of the western Mediterranean. The island is known for collecting megalithic stone monuments. Besides, it is famous for its Mile-long sandstone, rocks, and beaches. The climate here is also dominated by the Mediterranean Sea. There are mild winters and hot summers here. It is a beautiful place for tourists to travel. Summer is the best time to travel on this island. There are various types of festivals and concerts in the summer. The two official languages here are Catalan and Spanish. Minorca’s food is dominated by Mediterranean food that is known to be very healthy. The foods of this archipelago are included in Spanish and Catalan cuisine. Also famous is Mahon cheese on the island.

Menorca Beach

Some of Menorca’s oldest culture was influenced by other Mediterranean cultures, including the Greek Minoan of ancient Crete. The British invaded Minorca several times in the 17th century and temporarily occupied it. However, eventually and permanently, it was restored by Spain to the terms of the Treaty of Amiens in 1822 and annexed with Spain.

Menorca Beach

Besides, there are many hotels and restaurants of good quality. So the Menorca Island may be your perfect destination for travel.

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