Hong Kong Victoria Harbor


Victoria Harbor is fourth on the list of tourists in China. A natural landform port that separates Hong Kong Island from the Kolun Peninsula to the south of the region. The port is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Located in the middle of the dense urban area of the region, the port is an annual fireworks display and its pruning is used as a gathering place for tourists and residents. Every year, tourists gather at the harbor to see the beauty.

Also among the best places to visit is the Peak Tower at the top of Victoria Peak or the piazza of the Cultural Center or the intersection of Sim Shaw Sasui next to Kowloon. The walk to Star Ferry, along the route between the Center and Sim Shaw Sansui, is another way to see the harbor and the cityscape. Victoria Harbor is known for its panoramic night view and skyline, especially on the island of Hong Kong where the skyscraper skyline stretches above the rear.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

By November of each year, the outer walls of the districts on either side of the central business district are decorated with Christmas-related decorations and replaced with one of the Lunar New Year-related ones in January. It can be a good destination for travelers in China.

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