Cox’s Bazar Beach


Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in the world with a wide range of natural beauty. Cox’s Bazar is surrounded by 120 km of beaches and ancient traditions and sights attract a large number of tourists to Cox’s Bazar every year.

Cox’s Bazar beach is the largest tourist destination in Bangladesh. It is located in Cox’s Bazar district of the Chittagong division of the country. It is one of the largest beaches in the world. The beach stretches 120 km from Cox’s Bazar town to Badramokam. Wide up. Rows of jungle, hills, waterfalls, soft beds of sand, and huge beaches. Cox’s Bazar beach is another name for the enchanting beach of the blue waters and roaring of the Bay of Bengal. There is also a seafront marine drive from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf that will make your trip to Cox’s Bazar even more enjoyable. When you take a Marine Dive in the morning, you will feel the murmur of the vast ocean on one side and the gleaming smile of the sun in the light fog in the morning! It will really bring a different feeling to you.

Coxs Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar beach has been topped several times in 2000 by Bernard Weber’s privately owned organization, the “New Seven Wonders Foundation” in Switzerland, for the second time in 2000.

Cox’s Bazar beach is a beautiful and magical beach. Cox’s Bazar beach is a beautiful and magical beach. Every day Pratikshan changes its form. There is no winter-monsoon-spring-summer season. The look of the beach is similar. You can feel it is different in the morning and different in the afternoon. There is a big difference between the weather on the beach at dusk and the weather at night. That’s why Captain Cox’s beach is so much appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists. Beach bikes, jet skis, horse-drawn carriages, or horseback riding at Cox’s Bazar’s Silver Beach provide delightful food for tourists.

Coxs Bazar Beach

In order to increase the popularity of sea-beach, the authorities organize many events including beaches. Like Open concerts, national and international beach football, beach volleyball, beach-cricket competitions, national whirlwind festivals, sand sculpture construction.

To make surfing a popular sport in Bangladesh, the local administration has given temporary permission to set up a temporary surfing cottage for a surfing club at Laboni Point on Sea-Beach.

Adjacent to Baliari beach is a coral-rich marketplace for various species of snails and oysters. The city of Cox’s Bazar is bustling during the tourist season, with tourists flocking to the state-of-the-art hotel-motel cottages and the ever-decorated Burmese markets.

Cox's Bazar Tourist bus

Local Sea-Beach Management Committee to beautify Cox’s Bazar beach And Bangladesh Tourism Corporation activities are continuing. The old oyster market has been demolished and the newly built modern oyster market ‘Beach Park Market’ in the shape of an eight-colored umbrella is truly worth seeing. Although there is space for the construction of eight shops in each market, the shopkeepers have built eight shops with sixteen and in some cases twenty shops.

Three more similar umbrella markets are under construction. In addition to coral shops and snail-oyster, these markets have a collection of Burmese products, cosmetics, fast food, cooling corners, dry goods, studios, mobile shops, and other shops. At the entrance to the beach, under the financial patronage of Cox’s Bazar District Council, Visually pleasing Beach Garden Cum Park and Oyster Market with 26 shops have been constructed.

A two-story observation tower and a permanent open stage for the district administration have been constructed at Laboni Point in front of the garden with the funding of the district council and the supervision of the Beach Management Committee. The recent addition of tourist police to protect tourists on the beach is undoubtedly a commendable initiative of the government.

Learn About the Beach Points

Kalatali Point

A key part of Cox’s Bazar beach is Kalatali Point which is located at the Dolphin junction in Cox’s Bazar city. Many hotels and restaurants are located in the vicinity of Kalatali. All buses bound for Cox’s Bazar stop at Kalatali Point in the city. Earlier, buses used to stop directly at Kolatoli beach in Cox’s Bazar. After the government imposed a ban, the bus now stops at the Dolphin junction near Kalatali.

Sugandha Points

Sugandha Point is located to the north of Kalatali Point. The popular Burmese market is located here. In the past, there were many marine-fish food restaurants here but the government later evicted them.

Laboni Point

The most famous part of Cox’s Bazar beach is Laboni Point. Tourists mainly gather here. Laboni Point is best for surfing, jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Darianagar Beach

Darianagar beach is located near Himchari National Park. Waterways flow through Darianagar beach.


Himchhari beach Cox's Bazar

Another beautiful beach surrounded by hills is the Himchhari tourist center. It is located just 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar beach. The name of this beach is Himchhari. The beach here is relatively cleaner and secluded than Cox’s Bazar. Its beauty is no less. One of the amazing things is that the road from Cox’s Bazar to this beach is more beautiful and attractive than Himchhari. In a word, it’s extraordinary, poetic, beautiful like a dream. On one side is the sand of the vast sea and on the other side is the green hill saree.

waterfalls of Himachali hills Cox's Bazar

Marine drive pouring pitch in the middle. Such a nice scene is probably not found anywhere else in the country. If someone came to Cox’s Bazar but did not walk this way, so his tour is soil. When you climb the mountain, at this time you feel another type of open moment and you will see a huge sea lost on the blue horizon. The icy waterfalls of Himachali hills are quite interesting. Small waterfalls are falling at their own speed and running towards the sea.

Inani Beach

Inani Beach Cox's Bazar

Inani Beach is 18-kilometers long. It is located in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. It is located about 26 km south of Cox’s Bazar city. This beach has many green and black corals.

Teknaf Beach

Teknaf beach is located in Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. This part is different from other parts of Cox’s Bazar. Teknaf Beach is located on the shores of the lush Teknaf Mangrove. This beach is divided into different parts. Notable sections are – Shamlapur Beach (Baharchhara Beach), Shilakhali beach, Hazampara beach

What can you do in Cox’s Bazar?

Beach Photography

During the tourist season in Cox’s Bazar, a couple of hundred beach photographers take pictures of tourists. There is a good system to print these pictures in about an hour and reach the hands of tourists with negatives.

Each of these beach photographers has an ID card. Involved in work at several studios. 4R size pictures are taken as per government rate. You will see related signboards on Main Beach. Be sure to check your ID card before taking pictures from these beach photographers.


Several speed boats run on the beach. These run from Main Beach to Laboni Point. Rent $3 US per round. In addition, with the help of open speedboats, lifeboats cost between $3-6 US per person.

Beach Bikes

Several three-wheeled bikes ride on Cox’s Bazar beach. At a distance of about 1 km, these bikes have to be paid to the tourists at the rate of $1-5 us dollars per round.


In an adventure called Parasailing, tourists can see the natural beauty of the sea and mountains from the sky. Daryanagar and Himchhari in Cox’s Bazar are getting this opportunity to fly in the sky. There are two similarly owned companies called ‘Satellite Vision’ in Darianagar and ‘Funfest’ in Himchhari which are open to tourists every day for this adventure. Under the age of 12, everyone except paralyzed people with a weak heart or a heart condition can safely do parasailing. However, in the condition of the wind, it is better for the person to climb to weigh 120 kg. Kids can get up with an instructor.

There are three packages here. $20 US Normal rides have only flying. A chance to soak your feet in the ocean once you fly in the $25 US Super Ride. And the $32 US Super-Duper ride gets the feet wet twice. However, the timing is almost the same for all rides.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive Cox's Bazar

This is a great place for those who want to drive. You can feel the fresh air and hear the murmur of the sea. In addition, a type of bus with special facilities for tourists runs on Marine Drive.

Perfect Time to Visit Cox’s Bazar

The perfect time to visit Cox’s Bazar is from October to March. Due to the low rainfall and low heat during this time, the tourist crowd is high. This time is called the peak season. So if you plan a trip at this time, you must book your desired hotel in advance.

Off-season hotels in Cox’s Bazar offer discounts of 30% to 60%. This will be a good time for those who want to cut costs.

How to Go

No matter where you live in the world, there is no problem. The country has an air communication system with many countries in the world. You will first land at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Then you can fly to Cox’s Bazar in just 45 minutes if you want. NovoAir, Regent Airways, United Airways, and other airlines regularly visit Cox’s Bazar.

You can also read

Those who want to go by bus can go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by various buses including Saidia, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, S. Alam’s Mercedes Benz, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, S. Alam Paribahan, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur, St. Martin’s. There is AC, non-AC buses.

If you want to go by train, you have to get up from Kamalapur and get off at Chittagong. From Chittagong then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar by bus or car.

Where to Stay

Where to Stay Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach, has a number of international hotels, motels, and resorts. Cox’s Bazar has more than 450 residential hotels, cottages, and resorts for tourists. The hotels in Cox’s Bazar currently have a capacity of about 1.5 lakh for tourists. Besides, many resorts, hotels, and boarding houses of different standards have been set up under public and private management. So even if you don’t book, there is a possibility of getting a hotel, but in late December and the beginning of the new year, it will be risky.

In addition, all kinds of food of international standard are available in the hotels. Hotels are rich in a variety of seafood.

Precautions and other Information

Before going out to sea, you must know the time of the tide. There are several signboards and flags of Yasir LifeGuard in different places on the beach. It is safe to swim in the sea during high tide. It is safe to swim in the sea during high tide. At this time the tide is therefore also sent the indicated green flag.

Must be remembered that Anyone bathing in the sea at low tide can get lost in the moment of dangerous low tide.

Otherwise, if the red flag is flying at low tide in the beach area at this time, refrain from going into the sea. Do not go away in any way. If necessary, take the help of Yasir’s lifeguard who is engaged in the security of the tourists. Let them know and get down to the beach.

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