Big Sur Travel Guide


Big Sur is a great place to visit. It is located off the coast of California in the United States. An area along the coast that stretches about 70 miles from north to south. On one side of the narrow road along the coast, there is a steep stone wall with huge mountains above you.

On the other hand, a sharp drop-off is a rock that sinks in the endless Pacific Ocean. You’ll feel impossibly good when you’re driving over redwood forests and historic bridges and the sun is shining through the patches of fog. These scenes periodically surround thousands of tourists and look at the pictures and debate about the pictures.

Looking at a clear, big-tune night, it seems as if someone is importing a new star and almost disappearing into the sky and covered with a glittering blanket. Within days, the ocean is the star of the show, the waves of disaster, and the scattered arches that end on the horizon.

If you want to see the beautiful beach and the mountainous region, visit Big Sur. Here you can see the fog and mist roll with the tide and enjoy the landscape in mystery.

Also, fancy increasing the new afternoon light through the red trees with the filter through the old trees. A picnic on the secluded end of the beach, where you can keep an eye on the blue horizon humpback whales. On clear nights, enjoy the stunning star-blowing sky.

Due to the incredible natural diversity of this region, you can enjoy these and much more in Big Tune. Big Sur Dudant is a place for those who are interested in taking photos. Big Sur is a place where you can choose your own adventure.

Why should you go? Do you like big tunes?

Big Sur Travel Guide

Big Tune is a fantastic place to get away from it, popular for relaxing and romantic getaways, and with those who love the natural beauty and its unique beaches.

Big tunes are fantastic but sometimes rustic. Your mobile phone may not work very well. Roads are winding, and traffic can be slow during busy times. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Whatever you do

Entrepreneur travelers can do a lot from hiking to shopping in Big Tune, California. However, the most charming thing about Big Tune, California is that it improves the knowledge of landing jute back.

From Monterey and Carmel, you can visit the town of Big Sur, Naventhe Restaurant, and McWay Falls.

Take a drive on Highway One

Big Sur Take a drive on Highway One

It’s great in both directions- Hearst Castle on the south side of Monterey on the north side Just be careful not to get lost so that you see that you have an accident.

Point Sur Lighthouse

Just north of Big Tune, this beautiful lighthouse has an interesting history.

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is very popular. However, only a narrow 3.2 km which is accessible via Sycamore Canyon Road. The road leading from this beach will be very easy to drive past. Vehicles are usually full during the summer and weekend holidays. During the summer, a shuttle is operated from US Forest Service headquarters to the beach. The wide sandy expanse shows a view of a natural wall rock offshore. It is sometimes confused with Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park beach to the south.

Rest and relaxation

All the sights and activities mentioned here are delightful, why not take some time off? If you’re looking for a break, try the spa at the Ventana Inn, or the Post Ranch Inn. Or spend a vacation with a workshop at the Esalen Institute. Esalen Hot Springs’ Loose, Natural Water is open to the general public (reservations only, 831-667-3047) from 1 am to 3 am

Lunch at Nepenthe

This lovely spot is a perfect place to rotate on the launch and enjoy the view.

Henry Miller Library

The home of author Henry Miller is now an art center. Miller was also an artist and you can also see some of his paintings in the Coast Gallery. The library hosts events throughout the year and is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.

Point Fertilizer Light Station

A natural lighthouse in Big Sur, California. See the schedule then travel.


Pine Ridge Trail is the most popular hiking route in Ventana Wilderness. Hikers can use it to access many campsites in the backcountry, including Ventana Camp, Terrace Creek, Barlow Flats, Sykes, and Redwood Camp. If open, it is accessible from the Big Sur station.

State Park

You can visit mile healing, remote beaches, and many coastal activities in the Big Sur parks. Big Sur has five California state parks and beaches. Take the time to look around.

Garrapata State Park is located 10.8 km south of Carmel and 18 miles (29 km) north of the village of Big Sur on the Monterey coast. The park is featured on HBO’s award-winning mini-series Big Little Lies. It covers about 3,000 acres and features 2 miles of beachfront. The park was established in 1979. California sea lions, harbor seals, and ocean waters frequently move gray whales closer to coastal waters during their annual migration.

Andrew Mullera has a 20-mile hike in State Park. But it is a remote beach accessible by a one-mile walk and is the center of California’s Condor Discovery.

Big Sur State Park California

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park covers about 4.07 km of land. Here is the home of the famous McWay Falls, an 80-foot waterfall with a granite cliff and a picturesque cove that enters the Pacific Ocean. You can also enjoy the offer of a few miles in the redwood forest. Redwood trees are known to live up to 2,200 years. The park is centered on the Big Sur River. It is named “Mini Yosemite”.

Limeline State Park offers camping, beach access, and hiking trailers in Limeline for which the park is named.

Hearst Castle

It’s about 65 miles away, but it will take you at least two hours to get there. Create tournaments in advance to avoid disappointment

Horseback Riding

Big Sur, California at the beach. You can enjoy Horseback riding here.


Big Sur Shopping

Visit excellent art galleries and gift shops in Phoenix, Neptune, Hawthorne Gallery, or Heartbeat Gallery. This is a good place to shop.

Annual Event

Big Sur Marathon: You don’t want to run 26 miles, but you should know that this race, held in late April, has been off Highway One for almost half a day. It begins south of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and ends at the Crossroads Shopping Center in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The marathon was founded in 1986 and attracts about 4,500 participants each year

Tips for Visiting Big Tune/Big Sur Travel Guide

If you just want one direction through the Big Tune, and you have the flexibility to choose which one, try to do it from south to north. The sky will appear clear, and you will be inside the curve. If you or someone in your car is prone to motion sickness, bring your favorite remedy or drive them. Big Sur is not the place to try to find a hotel room you go to. Keep moving forward.

Isn’t it romantic?

Big Sur sea views and sunsets are enough to find romantics among us, but if you or your honey want to give another push, a wooden cabin with a wood-burning fireplace and private deck, a comfortable cottage for Ventana Inn, or a Veteran’s Inn for Big Deen. Try it. For a big splurge, you can’t beat in the post-wrench.

Enjoy the best moments

A very good time to enjoy a busy brunch on a weekend vacation. If you’re heading north on your way home, try Sunday Brune at Mission Ranch in Carmel. With live jazz music playing and pastoral views, this place will not be able to leave you so you can get so comfortable.


You can find buses on almost any budget, from cheap camp friends to some of the most luxurious (and expensive) hotels in the Big Sur USA. No matter where you are, Big Sur is not the place to try to find last-minute accommodation. At any time of the year, summer and weekend, hotels and campgrounds are filled to capacity, and it can be a long drive to the next area where accommodation is available. You can also stay in tents in the camps. It is best to book a hotel before coming. Then you don’t have to read unwanted problems.

What to eat

Big Sur’s restaurants are located high on top of the famous coastal streams. Big-tune eateries vary in style from the Prix-Fixe Dining menu to casual cafes with casual meals. The bakeries serve a variety of food but are known for their wood-powered concoctions, including homemade bread, pizza, and pastries. Ditzen’s Big Sur Inn also has a comfortable food supply at Ditzen Restaurant. It is located in the Redwoods of Big Sur. The restaurant serves grass-fed meat and seafood to local Monterey Bay fishermen in a cottage-style setting. Travelers in the Big Sur Village area have a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, Detgen’s Big Tune Lodge restaurant might be good. Also, Sur River Inn Restaurant is great for any meal. Sarah Murray can be chosen for a luxurious meal. Sierra Marr is a four-course with a six-course tasting menu that provides a dinner menu at Prix Fixe. Otherwise, you can choose your food plan every single day. It will be the best way for you.

The best time to travel

The most popular time to travel to Big Tune is between April and October. When the weather is best. There are more than 300 days of sunshine here. There are more than 300 days of sunshine here. But by the end of August, the crowds began to disperse and the high internal temperatures began to subside. During this time the number of visitors to the coast and the mountains began to increase. Summer is the busiest season, with visitors enjoying pleasant temperatures and plenty of activity. Also provides programs offered by parks and educational associations in the region.

Winter, especially December, is considered the best time to watch Big Tune for those who want to avoid crowds. But these cheap prices can be enjoyed. However, businesses are often closed at this time. It is best to pack with winter clothes at any time of the year. But whatever the big time of the year, Big Tune Travel is amazing. Spring brings cool temperatures. It is during this time that the beautiful wildflowers of this region begin to bloom.


Big Sur usually has a mild Mediterranean climate. Which includes sunny, dry summers and autumns and cool, wet winters. Here it is important to note that temperatures vary geographically. Temperatures in this coastal region are typically 50 Fahrenheit at night and 70 Fahrenheit during the day from June to October. Between November and May, it ranges from 40 to 60 Fahrenheit. The weather changes drastically due to the effects of jazz topography, creating many microclimates.

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