Most Peaceful Countries in Africa

The Institute of Economics and Peace, a Sydney-based international research institute in Australia, has released the Global Peace Index-2021. The organization compiled the index taking into account six factors: security, safety, militarization, and ongoing conflict. This time we will look at the position of African countries. The following is a list of the most peaceful […]

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What are the Most Beautiful Countries in the World

There are many beautiful countries in the world. Many Naturally Beautiful Countries in the World. Different countries have different types of beauty. Somewhere in the mountains and the sea the world is made up of these variations. This prevailing beauty has spread across the field in different countries of the world. Here is given 10 […]

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Largest Companies in California

There are many companies in California. This statistics is based on the company that has the most current employees, headquartered in California. There are many top companies in California. Today we will know about the 10 Biggest Companies in California– 1. Concentrix Concentrix is ranked No. 1 on California’s largest company list. It is located […]

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Top Universities in California USA

There are many top universities in California. There are also many best universities in California. Top universities’ rankings change over time. Over time, competition among universities has been increasing. Rankings changing according to the quality of education. Today we will know about Top Universities in California USA- 1. Stanford University Stanford Stanford University is ranked […]

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List of Richest People in Canada

The following list of Canadians includes 10 wealthy Canadian individuals and families, as determined by a Canadian business. Biennial Publishing, Canadian Business has published the annual ranking of wealthy Canadians and families from 1998. In addition to the annual ranking of Canadian business publications, several Canadians have been given the annual ranking of the world […]

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