What is Cute Culture in Japan


The sunrise country is Japan. The population of Japan is 126 million. The Japanese are famous for their rules and etiquette. The Japanese are constantly adopting foreign cultures, as well as being characterized by their own culture. In the beginning, the culture of Europe and Asia entered Japan. After the Second World War, the influence of US culture has changed the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese.


The most widely spoken language in Japan is Japanese, which is separated into numerous dialects with the Tokyo dialect is considered standard Japanese. In addition to the Japanese language, the Ryukyuan languages are spoken in Okinawa and parts of Kagoshima in the Ryukyu Islands.


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Japan’s two major religions are the Shinto religion and Buddhism. The myths of the ancient worship of natural forces are the basis of the Shinto religion. Buddhism and Shinto religion have coexisted in Japan for many years since Shinto has nothing to say about life after death. Even now, many Japanese religions follow the same. Shinto religion spread from the 16th to the 19th century.

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Japanese clothing has many variations. The Japanese follow the running fashion in their clothing. Western such as jeans, tops, skirts, and shirts. Short shirts are on their list of favorites. Japanese clothing is a more eye-catching shirt with a long coat and skirt. For boys, the casual look applies to them at all levels. There is not much variation in their wardrobe anywhere in the office or in meetings. However, they love to wear their traditional clothing on special occasions.


Japan’s traditional cuisine is based on Washoku rice. Seasonal material has a lot of influence here. In foods, auxiliary terms often contain fish, vegetables, and roasted vegetables. Seafood and vegetables are often fried in a thin sphere similar to tempura. Besides rice, noodles such as soba and udon are also served as staple foods. There are many delicious dishes in Japan, such as fish brook Oden and beef in Sukiyaki and Nicunzaga. Foods inspired by foreign food – especially Chinese foods such as ramen, frying dumplings, and goji – have been adopted in Japan. However, Japanese flavors and ingredients are also used differently. Historically, the Japanese consumed less meat.


Sumo wrestling is considered Japan’s national sport. Besides, football is one of the most popular Japanese games. Other games include Japanese badminton, rock, paper, scissors, ball and the cup, a game of tag, Japanese hide and seek, spinning top game, card flipping game, playing card games, etc.

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