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Vietnam is a strangely beautiful country in clothing culture. Vietnam is a state located on the east coast of the Indo-China Peninsula. The country is bordered by the People’s Republic of China to the north, Laos, and Cambodia to the west, and the South China Sea to the south and east. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city.

Vietnamese dress has been influenced by many cultures of the world from the past to the present, making them more beautiful and educational.

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Traditional Vietnamese Customes

Ao Dai is one of the most popular traditional costumes in Vietnam. Nowadays Ao Dai is preferred by women over men. It could face Vietnamese women in Ao Di in every corner of the country. Ao, literally a long dress, has long trousers and a two-flap dress with different colors and patterns. It is a long silk tunic with a conventional-looking snag collar and buttoned on the left. The male tunic falls to the knees and is usually followed by loose pants at the bottom

A truly elegant piece of clothing, it would be great to see someone dressed like this on the street. Toe wears ao di for special occasions including New Year celebrations. From the twentieth century, Vietnamese people also wore contemporary clothing, which is popular in many parts of the world.

Modern Vietnamese women usually wear ao dai for special occasions such as tate (Vietnamese New Year), weddings, festivals, and ceremonies. In public high schools, schoolchildren are required to wear white ao dye twice a week, on Mondays and on an optional weekday. High school female teachers also have to wear ao dye while studying in class but they can choose the color and style.

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The women also wear a traditional Vietnamese cone hat called Non-La. These hats are made from the leaves of the palm tree and are often worn as a fashion statement or used to write poetry. Embroidered hats protect you from both sun and rain. The source of the non la is found back in Hugh and tourists are advised to buy these hats at Hugh Seatdale. Mekong Delta women wear a slightly different kind of traditional dress – either in or after.

At present, the change of clothes has also kept pace with the times. Men wear pants, shirts, T-shirts. The change has come in women, they also wear shorts, maxi, jeans. In the cities, people wearing these modern clothes are more common.

Vietnam Men’s Clothing

Ao Dai, Shirts, Pants, Tree shirts, Jeans, courts, trousers, Jersey, Casual shoes, Sweaters, Traditional bush wear, long trousers, leather boots, shorts, Suits & Blazers, etc.

Vietnam Women’s Clothing

Women are usually dressed – Non-La, Ao Dai, Ao ba ba, Long Sleeve, Maxi Dresses, Denim Short, Short, Long Sleeve mini dresses, reversible dresses, Blouses & Shirts, Skirt, Sweater, Trumpet Skirt, Court, Petite Coats & Jackets, Jeans, shoes & boots, etc.

Top cloth brand in Vietnam

There are many famous fashion brands in Vietnam right now, but the names that are really effective and the best are the top brands below.

1. JUNO – High-end fashion brand

Specializing in supplying fashion products such as bags, accessories, and shoes as brands. In which Juno always knows how customers can discover their hidden beauty so that they feel more in love with them.


Alice is another famous name in the village of Vietnamese women’s fashion brands. To date, Alice has nearly 10 years of experience in designing and supplying quality fashion products, the brand’s coverage is very strong Male with a number of chain stores up to 95 across Vietnam.

3. Ivy Moda

The flow of trends always revolves erratically, old values can be re-established with sets in ivy mode, you will become beautiful in your own way, become more attractive and more prominent. As a fashion brand with a wide variety of styles and styles when it comes to Ivy Mode, you can choose the right outfit for you as well as suitable for each individual specific situation.

4. Owen

Owen is one of the most famous fashion brands in Vietnam today. This famous fashion brand belongs to the joint-stock company “Kovil Fashion Vietnam”. New though

Although the fashion brand entered the market in 2008, it has attracted a large number of customers, with its rich variety of colors, beautiful standard design, good quality, and durability, giving users a confident, elegant but less masculine freedom.

5. Nem Fashion

Inspired by the glamorous beauty of French fashion, Neem Fashion is known as one of the most unique, creative, and beautiful fashion brands in Vietnam’s famous women’s fashion brands. Founded in 2002 with more than 17 years of experience, Neem Fashion now has more than 40 showrooms in the provinces and has generated a lot of trust from customers. Every month, Neem Fashion is releasing more than 500 models of fashion products in the market in a bid to fully meet the growing demands and tastes of the customers.

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