mexican culture clothing

Mexican Culture Clothing


Mexican clothing culture is one of the most diverse in North America. Mexico is a country in North America. The United States is located on the northern border of this country. The Pacific Ocean to the south and west. Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. The two largest states in the United States in terms of size.

Mexican Culture Clothing

The type of clothing worn in Mexico largely depends on the region. All or almost all Mexican states have a traditional dress.

Northern Mexico

Quite simply, men have shirts, jackets, and so-called “Texan” hats (actually Mexican), women usually have simple double-breasted long dresses.

Midwest Mexico

The most well-known Mexican clothing is men’s suits with long standard “mariachi” hats and gold/silver embellishments, while women wear long and colorful dresses.

Middle East Mexico

This area is mostly occupied by Mexico City, so it is relatively less traditional than the rest of the country. In some rural areas, you can see traditional indigenous women’s clothing, colorful and slightly heavier (since the climate is cooler than in other regions), Mexicans are usually in big cities. Not wearing traditional clothing due to work.

Southern Mexico

Since the climate is always warm, these are simple, black or white dresses with lots of floral decorations, the African Caribbean effect in the state of Veracruz, the rest is like clothing in the United States.

Overall all of these Mexicans live in rural areas, 80% of Mexicans live in urban areas, so the average Mexican dress like the average American or European.

Overall Mexico has a lot of traditional clothing, but the most common national clothing for women is the Kochquimitl, skirt and Whipple, and Puebla clothing. Kochquimital is a colorful poncho that is worn on special occasions. Sleeveless Whiplays, worn with skirts, and Puebla (“peasant” in English) clothing are considered comfortable for everyday wear.

Pants, shirts, jeans for men can be seen in all these areas. There are also sombreros, saraps and guevares. A decorative hat made by a sombrero straw or heavy felt. It has wide stems that protect the upper body from the harsh Mexican sun. Colored sarees are heavy, shawl-like clothing that acts as a blanket to protect against the cold weather. Guayaberas is a lightweight shirt, made from cotton fabric and embroidered, it can be worn as both casual and formal attire.

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The style of traditional Mexican clothing was largely influenced by the Spanish colonists. Fabric fibers of choice usually include cotton, agave, wool, and silk. Arguably, the Mayan culture that existed before the Spanish conquest influenced the national dress in Mexico the most. However, no single style can be considered “native” because of Mexico’s complex history, and there is a constant evolution of clothing adopted from state to state. The intricately designed costumes worn for festivals and celebrations also vary depending on the representation of the historical era.

Mexican Culture Clothing

Mexican men’s casual wear includes pants, denim, short denim, shirts, short sleeve shirts, traditional bush wear, jeans, trousers, jerseys, T-shirts, jackets, suits and Sportcoats, Caps, Casual footwear, etc.

Mexican Culture Clothing

Women’s casual wear includes Long Sleeve, Denim Short, Maxi Dresses, Long Sleeve mini dresses, Short, reversible dresses, Blouses & Shirts, Skirt, Sweater, Trumpet Skirt, Court, Petite Coats & Jackets, Jeans, shoes & boots, etc.

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