belgium culture clothing

Belgium Culture Clothing


The culture of Belgian clothing is extremely beautiful. Belgium is a country in northwestern Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy. Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium.

Traditional Belgian styles for men and women are modeled on French clothing styles that were influenced by French occupation during World War II. The smock and beret are popular clothing worn by men and the classic huntress dress is preferred by Belgian women. Today the dress, worn as a wedding dress, is trimmed with Celtic-edged sleeves and ties that are adorned with colorful curly beads.

Belgium Culture Clothing

Young Belgian boys wore tunics until the 1900s. Until the 19th century, both men and boys wore tunics. Boys often attach plantlets to both tunics and clothing. Men’s suits did not become popular until the 19th century.

Belgian traditional clothing is often worn at many Belgian festivals, such as the Cat Festival in Ypres. In medieval times, the city was plagued by rats. To alleviate the problem, cats were kept inside the municipality to get rid of rats. However, the number of cats became almost as rich as the population of rats. Therefore, people start tossing flies at the top of the tallest building. The festival today highlights the rescheduling with staff toy cats.

Located in the central part of Europe, Belgium is considered a lowland country, as most of the land is located below sea level. Walloons and Flemish are the two main groups that call Belgium home.

Traditional Belgian crafts include lace-marking and pottery designs. Puppets serve as a form of entertainment for children and adults.

Today, modern clothing is worn everywhere in Belgium. Men are more likely to wear pants, shirts, T-shirts, and jeans. Women are also seen to wear pants, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, long sleeves, etc.

Belgium Culture Clothing

A list of men’s clothing in Belgium is pants, shirts, jeans, short sleeve shirts, traditional bush wear, trousers, jerseys, T-shirts, jackets, suits and sportcoats, caps, casual footwear, etc.

Women are casual wear includes Long pants, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, sleeves, Maxi Dresses, Long Sleeve mini dresses, reversible dresses, Blouses & Shirts, Skirts, Sweaters, Trumpet skirts, Court, Petite Coats & Jackets, Jeans, shoes & boots, etc.

Tired of museums and sights? Buying some products for your loved ones and yourself in the capital of Europe? Top 5 shopping streets in Brussels where you can shop until you drop by.

Whatever your budget, Brussels is a city that offers a wide variety of things you can get there as a memento of your trip. Also, you have the opportunity to combine shopping with sightseeing, as many buildings get lost in the streets of spectacular Brussels and enjoy the city like locals.

1. Neuvestraat

Brussels’ largest and busiest shopping street has an average of 43,000 visitors per day, located in the city center. Hosting various international brands, it makes it the ultimate destination for all budgets. On the same street, you will also find ‘City 2’, a shopping center that adds more variety to your options. If you feel overwhelmed by the busy environment, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can relax.

2. Louizalaan & Toison d’Or

The city’s Fansist Shopping Street is minutes from the center. In the first 500 meters, you will find the most luxurious fashion shops and boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Dior, and many more. After passing this block there are casual stores where you can get something on a budget. And as shopping becomes tedious, you can relax and enjoy the food at a few restaurants nearby.

3. Chaussée d’Alene

Selected as the second busiest shopping street in the city, Chassis de Excels never disappoints you in getting what you want. In stores dedicated to fashion, decor, and leisure you will find everything you can imagine there. Walk the whole way and you will come across the African environment, full of Afro products and colors that will make you feel on the dark continent.

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4. Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

As both the shopping street and the scenic district, the Royal Galleries are not worth buying for you, but the spectacular worth is certainly not for any casual shopping experience, on this street, you will find a few luxury shops and several expensive and high-quality chocolates in the world.

5. Antoniusstraat Dansaert

Located in the center of Brussels, the Dansart district is an important subject, considering fashion and especially regional fashion, as most boutiques are hosted by Belgian designers full of creativity and new ideas. Near the canal business, you will find a variety of restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy food from all over the world, including national ones.

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