What kind of Scientist was Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding personalities of America. From writers, politicians, musicians to scientists – all of this is his identity. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in the British-American state of Massachusetts. Benjamin was one of 17 children of his father Josiah. His mother, Abijah Falgar, was Josiah’s second wife. Here is given short biography of Benjamin Franklin-

  • Name: Benjamin Franklin
  • Birth: January 17, 1706
  • Birth Place: Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Education: BLS (Boston Latin School)
  • Death: April 17, 1790, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Franklin is a writer, illustrator, politician, politician, scientist, musician, inventor, president, comedian, mass agitator, and diplomat. As a scientist, he is one of the most important figures in the history of the American Enlightenment era and of material science. He is remembered for his inventive discoveries and theories. He invented thunderbolt bars, bifocal lenses, Franklin’s stove, odometer, Franklin harmonica, etc. He founded the Philadelphia Public Library in 1731.

In 1747, its positive and negative power theory was widely praised. His invention is Franklin Stove, Lightning Rod. In 1751 he joined politics. He participated in the American independence movement. At the age of just 15, he published a magazine called The New England Current. He was governor of Pennsylvania from 1785-1788. At the end of his life, he freed his slaves.


Benjamin’s father Josiah wanted Ben to attend school with the clergy. Because he only had enough money to send him to school for two years. Benjamin attended Boston Latin School. Benjamin attended Boston Latin School. However, he did not graduate. Then, he continued his studies through indomitable lessons. He finished his studies at the age of ten.


At just 15 years of Benjamin’s career, he published a magazine called The New England Current. He has spent much of his life in various types of research and innovation. Then he started his career politically. Shortly after America’s independence, he took over as ambassador to France. Returning from Paris in 1785, he was elected president of Pennsylvania.

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Personal Life

Franklin married Deborah Reed on September 1, 1730. They had two children. Their son, Francis Folker Franklin, was born in October 1732 and died in 1736. Their daughter, Sara “Sally” Franklin, was born in 1743. In addition to them was a recognized son, William Franklin.

Honor & Awards

He is one of the most respected people in America. He is one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America. Even two hundred years after his death, his creations and works are spreading light. His name has been printed with pictures at various times in American currency, city, educational institutions.


Franklin has been suffering from obesity since middle age. Because of this, a variety of diseases were built in his body. He died in 1790 in the Pleuritic Attack at the age of 84.

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