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Robert Frost As A Poet


Robert Lee Frost was an American poet. He was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California, USA. His father is William Prescott Frost, jr. Who was a school teacher. His mother, Isabel Moody, was a Scot. Here Robert Frost As a Poet short biography-

  • Name: Robert Frost
  • Birth: March 26, 1874
  • Birth Place: San Francisco, California, US
  • Education: Dartmouth College (no degree), Harvard University(no degree)
  • Death: January 29, 1963 (aged 88) Boston, Massachusetts, US.

Frost is known for his command of the American conversation. In addition to his writings, he illustrated different kinds of real-life in rural life. He often wrote about material from rural life in New England in the early twentieth century. Those are used to examine complex social and philosophical themes. His work was first published in England before being published in the United States. He is one of America’s rarest “public literary, almost an artistic institution.”

In 1894, he sold his first poem “My Butterfly is an Elgie” for $ 15 ($ 434 today). He was proud of his achievement. He was the only poet to receive four Pulitzer Prizes for poetry. He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1960 for his work. On July 22, 1961, Frost Vermont’s poet was nominated as the winner. In addition, Frost was often honored in his lifetime.


Frost, known for its relationship with rural life, grew up in the city. He graduated from Lawrence High School in 1892. In addition, he also studies at Harvard University from 1897 to 1899. However, he could not finish the course due to his illness. He taught for two months at Dartmouth College. He published his first poem in his high school magazine.


Frost worked for nine years at the farm where he wrote many poems. He then served as an English teacher at New Hampshire’s Pinkerton Academy from 1906 to 1911. He published his first poem, A Boy’s Will, in 1913. In 1917-20, 1923-25, and on a more informal basis, Frost taught English at Amherst College in Massachusetts, 1926-1938. Significantly encouraging his students to account for the countless words and concerns of the spoken English language in their writing, he called his speech “the word of wisdom” for languages. In 1921, Frost accepted a fellowship teaching position at Ann Arbor, Michigan University, where he remained until 1927 when he returned to teach at Amherst. While teaching at the University of Michigan, he received a lifetime appointment at the university as a correspondence fellow.

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Personal Life

Robert Frost married Elinor Miriam White at Lawrence, Massachusetts on December 19, 1895. Elinor and Robert Frost had six children. Son Eliot (1896–1900, died of cholera); Daughter Lesley Frost Ballantine (1899–1983); Son Carol (1902–1940, committed suicide); Daughter Irma (1903–1967); Daughter Marjorie (1905-1934, died of labor fever after delivery); And daughter Eleanor Betina (who died one day after her birth in 1907). Cable Lesley and Irma lived longer than their fathers. Frost’s wife, who had a heart problem all her life, suffered from breast cancer in 1919 and died of a heart attack in 1938. In addition, Frost’s personal life was filled with grief and despair. Frost died when his father was 11 years old. As a result, Frost’s personal life was filled with grief and despair.

Honor & Awards

Frost was one of the poets of America during his time. He got many honors in his life. His awards that received are-

  • 1924 for New Hampshire: A Poem With Notes and Grace Notes
  • 1931 for Collected Poems
  • 1937 for A Further Range
  • 1943 for A Witness Tree
  • In 1960, he won the Congressional Gold Medal


Frost died in Boston on January 29, 1963, due to complications from prostate surgery. He was buried in the Old Bennington Cemetery in Bennington, Vermont.

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