John Daltons Life timeline


John Dalton was an English scientist.  His birth was 6 September 1766 Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England. He was a chemist, schoolteacher, meteorologist, and physicist alike. He is known for his modern atomic propositions. In 1800, he published the ‘Gas diffusion formula’ and ‘Gas pressure formula’. Here is given John Dalton short biography-

  • Name: John Dalton.
  • Birth: September 6, 1766.
  • Birth Place:  Eaglesfield, United Kingdom.
  • Education: Harris Manchester College, Oxford.
  • Death: July 27, 1844, Manchester, United Kingdom.

He later published the doctrine of ‘atomism’. He also researches the sign of the atom and the weight of the atom. He was awarded the Royal Society medal in 1826 in recognition of his work. He is also the father of modern ‘atomic theory’ or nuclear theory.


At the age of 11, Dalton attended a Que Cca school. Within a short time, he made his debut as the best student in the school. But not his school, he was his teacher himself. From an early age, Dalton began to become self-taught. He mastered science and mathematics in his own efforts. He also received a classical education in Latin, Greek and French.


Dalton began teaching at just 15 years of age at the start of his career. His older brother Used to run a Quecka boarding school in Kendal, 40 miles from his hometown of Eaglesfield. There Dalton started teaching, that ‘deprived’ of formal education. And at the age of four in his teaching career, Dalton, 19, became the headmaster of that school. Until 1793, Dalton served as the headmaster of that school. That year, he joined the New College, Manchester, as a teacher of mathematics and natural philosophy at a dissenting college. And that’s where Dalton’s scientists started to become here. Dalton started research in the college lab.

In 1803 John Dalton published the revolutionary formula for partial pressure of the gas. which, researchers in the chemistry labs of every university in the world are obeying and every student is reading in his high school books. The formula is-

The total pressure applied by multiple gas mixtures without interaction is equal to the sum of the partial pressure applied by each gas.

In 1808 Dalton published another formula known as ‘Dalton’s formula’. It is-

If two elements react and produce multiple compounds, then those compounds will be linked to a certain mass of the first element in proportion to the whole number.”

Personal Life

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Dalton never married in his life and had only a few close friends. As a Quaker, he lived a modest and unassuming personal life. The last years of his life were spent in a room in the home of the Rev. W. Johns, a botanist published on George Street in Dalton Manchester.

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Honor & Awards

John Dalton was awarded in 1826 by the Royal Society. But even though the number of awards is not high, his acceptance is very good to people all over the world.


At the age of 77, John Dalton died of a heart attack on July 27, 1844. He was buried at Ardwick Cemetery in Manchester. Chemistry will improve over time, nuclearism will improve, but John Dalton’s contribution will never fade.

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