• Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Notre Dame de Paris

    Notre Dame de Paris may be a good destination for those who want to travel to France. The beautiful church is located in the center of the city of El de la City in the middle of Paris. The Notre Dame church is especially attractive to tourists for its towering heights and aesthetic architecture.

    It is the most popular cathedral for tourists in the city of Paris, France, and even throughout Europe. The 850-year-old church is important for a number of reasons. The church is said to be one of the cultural symbols of France and Europe. Its importance is as a unique model of Gothic architecture. Every year, 1 crore 20 lakh tourists and pilgrims come to visit the church. There are hundreds of varied handmade objects, paintings and commemorative of Jesus Christ. The UNESCO World Heritage Notre Dame Cathedral is thought to be an abundance of French Gothic architecture. The rich architecture of diverse craft and the civilization of Paris will captivate the tourists. It is one of the five most requested places when planning a trip to Paris.

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    In 1163, the third Pope Alexander laid the foundation stone of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Later, the construction of the two centuries continued. Its construction was completed in 1345 AD in the middle of the fourteenth century. Because of this, the building style of construction is not the same in every way. However, it is mainly a building built on Gothic architecture. Later, from 1844 to 1864, the cathedral was restored and renovated under the architect Violet-le-Duke.

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Traveling to Paris for tourists is always a pleasure. Traveling to Paris for tourists is always a pleasure. All kinds of modern amenities are available here. Paris is also famous for its food. Good quality restaurants are available everywhere in Paris. So the No.1 destination for tourists maybe Notre Dame in Paris.

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