• Montgomery Alabama Things to Do

    Montgomery is a familiar place for tourists. Montgomery is the capital of the state of Alabama in the United States. It is located in the center of the state on the east bank of the Alabama River in the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Montgomery's various activities, history, heritage sites, natural beauty all attract tourists. Especially those who are planning a trip with family.

    Montgomery has multiple monuments and museums that have the region’s own history that simultaneously awakens the civil rights movement at the national level.

    So Montgomery is known as the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Its historical attractions are scattered in various places across the city.

    Downtown Montgomery has the tallest building at 375 feet. Other buildings include the RSA Tower, 60 Commerce Street, 8 Commerce Street, and the RSA Dexter Avenue Building. The city has many local governments and state buildings, including the Alabama State Capitol.

    The Capitol is located at the top of a hill at one end of Dexter Avenue. There is also Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. was a priest. It is a building that became a gathering place for early civil rights activists. Both the Capitol and Dexter Baptist Church is a place recognized as a national historical landmark in the United States.

    In 1955 Rosa Parks sat on the only white part of an isolated Montgomery public bus. He vowed not to relinquish his seat, which was later established through a nationwide movement. Freedom Riders made famous history at the city's Greyhound bus station in 1961.

    Numerous tourists flock to Montgomery to learn about these historical sites and history. With a variety of activities, the city has become one of the tourist destinations. Now let's learn about different places of interest and activities.

    1. Rosa Parks Library and Museum

    Rosa Parks Library and Museum

    The Rosa Parks Museum is named after civil rights activist Rosa Park. The museum is located at the University of Troy on the Satellite Campus in Montgomery, Alabama. Who is known for refusing to surrender his seat to a white man on a city bus? The museum originally contained information, exhibits, and some specimens of the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott. The Rosa Parks Museum has six distinct territories. Which tells the story of the courage of early civil rights fighters. The museum hosts special events, educational programs, and travel exhibitions throughout the year. The museum has a 103-seat multimedia auditorium.

    2. National Memorial for Peace and Justice

    National Memorial for Peace and Justice

    The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is a national memorial dedicated to the victims of lynching in the United States. When white people were also abducted, the memorial was established to draw attention to and recognize past racist terrorism and to work for social justice in America. The memorial was built by the Montgomery-based non-profit Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) on a six-acre site in the downtown area of the state capital.

    3.Montgomery Zoo

    Montgomery Zoo

    One of the attractions for Montgomery travelers is the Montgomery Zoo. The zoo has a collection of all kinds of animals from different parts of the world. Visitors below are the animals you will see here-

    Australian animals include the Red Kangaroo, Parma Wallaby, Emu, Dam Walby, Black Swan, Seropisis, Radjah Shelduck, and Magpie Goose.

    Asian animals include the habitat of deer, ax deer, blackbuck, nilgai, Cyrus crane, Chinese goose, Bengal tiger, and Indian rhinoceros.

    The zoo is dominated by African animals. These include Grant's Zebra, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Greater Chuda, Marbau Juicy, Gray Crowned Crane, Ostrich, Thin Horned Ghazal, Dama Ghazal, Bontebok, Bongo, Egyptian Goose, African Elephant, Reticulated Giraffe, etc.

    It is a beautiful place for those who are thirsty for travel where you can get to know the various animals of the world.

    4. Legacy Museum

    Legacy Museum

    Mass Increase from Enclave is a museum in Montgomery, Alabama. It has a variety of archives that showcase America's history of slavery and racism. The archives include racial lynching, African-American slavery, segregation, and racial prejudice. The museum, which opened on April 26, 2018, has been established as an affiliate of the National Memorial to Peace and Justice, an initiative of Montgomery's Equal Justice Initiative. The goal of the museum is to lynch the visitors against terrorism in a way that ranges from slavery to ethnic oppression. Also to lead the minorities in other ways including mass detention.

    The memorial features work by Hank Willis Thomas, Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Titus Kaffer, and Sanford Biggers. One of its exhibits is the collection of soil from leaching sites across the United States. Many visitors come to see the museum.

    5. Civil Rights Memorial

    Civil Rights Memorial

    Civil Rights Memorial is an American memorial built by Maya Lin. It is the civil rights movement was built in memory of those who were killed. The names of 41 people are written in the granite fountain of the martyrs of the civil rights movement. The memorial is located in an open plaza in front of the Civil Rights Memorial Center, a suburb of 400 Washington Avenue in Montgomery. It was the office of the Southern Poverty Law Center until it was moved to a new building on the side of the road in 2001. Tourists will find the Wall of Tolerance with various exhibitions and educational exhibitions.

    6. First White House of the Confederacy

    First White House of the Confederacy

    The first White House of the Confederacy is former President Jefferson Davis and the family's executive residence while the family was in Montgomery. The White House of the Confederation was a large two-story wooden frame house painted in white and green in Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama Landmarks has been a heritage site since 2012. Every year many tourists come to know about the beauty and history of the house.

    7. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

    Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

    The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is home to a number of art collections. It is a museum located in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. Permanent collections include 19th and 20th-century American sculptures and paintings, Southern regional art, decorative art, and Old Master prints. It is also home to Artwork, a participatory art gallery, and a studio for kids.

    The current building was designed by the Montgomery Architectural Firm of Bourgeois, Davis, and Sims and was commissioned in 1988. An addition was completed in 1993. The museum will make an important contribution to the acquisition of knowledge for tourists.

    8. Alabama Department of Archives and History

    Alabama Department of Archives and History

    The Alabama Archives and History Department is the official repository of Alabama State archive records. Its primary mission is to collect and preserve archives, documents, and patterns related to the history of the state. It was established by law in the Alabama Legislature on February 2, 1901, receiving state funding. The archives and history department were set up in the old Senate dressing room of the Alabama State Capitol after it was established. It was completed in 1906. It was later moved to the new southern branch of the Capitol. A separate building was first conceived in 1918, writes Thomas McAdry Owen, the first director of the archives.

    9. Alabama State Capitol

    Alabama State Capitol

    Alabama State Capital is a state capital building in Alabama. Which is listed in the First Confederate Capitol Historic National Article.  19 December 1960, it was declared a National Historic Landmark.

    Open to visitors are the old governor's office, the entrance staircase, the old state Supreme Court, the old Supreme Court library, Rotunda, the old House of Representatives. Also the old Senate Chamber. Every year many visitors come to see this historic landmark.

    10. Old Alabama Town

    Old Alabama Town

    Old Alabama Town is a familiar place to visitors. Here is a collection of 19th and 20th-century structures and reflects human life. Old Alabama Town was developed and managed by the Landmark Foundation of Montgomery. The historic city stretches along with six blocks in the heart of Montgomery. Where rural pioneers illustrate the cross-section of history, architecture, and way of life. One of the attractions of the city is the shop and home decor image.

    11. Alabama Safari Park

    Alabama Safari Park

    Alabama ‍ Safari Park is another attraction in Montgomery. This safari park is a place where many animals roam freely. Wandering wildlife in an open environment would be really nice. The most interesting thing is that when you go out on the drive and enter the park, zebras, llamas, cows, bison, ostrich animals come inside your car to search for food with their mouths. Tourists take the feed and feed the animals. Then your great feeling will work. Also, the surrounding greenfield is the perfect place to travel in an open environment.

    12. Freedom Rides Museum

    Freedom Rides Museum

    The Freedom Rides Museum is the site of violent attacks on participants in the 1961 independence march during the civil rights movement. This movement put an end to racial segregation in public transport. The museum is located at 210 South Court Street in Montgomery, Alabama. Indoor displays for visitors include architecture, art, oral history, and a video kiosk. The museum won a National Conservation Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2012. This museum is a beautiful place for tourists to learn about history.

    13. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival

    The Alabama Shakespeare Festival

    The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is a fully professional regional theater. It is one of the ten largest Shakespeare festivals in the world. It is located in Montgomery, the capital of the state of Alabama. The Shakespeare Festival nurtured the Southern Writers Project to create new plays that reflected Southern themes. The festival observes more than 400 performances each year. Which attracts more than 300,000 visitors from across the United States and more than 60 countries. Alabama Shakespeare Festival started in 1972 as Aniston's Summer-Stock Theater Project.

    14. Court Square Fountain