• Huangshan Travel Guide & Attractions

    Huangshan is one of the beautiful destinations for those who want to travel in China. It is a mountain in southern Anhui province in eastern China. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the main tourist destinations in China. The area has scenery for tourists, strangely shaped granite peaks, sunsets, Huangshan pine trees, hot fountains, and winter snow. Besides, the mountain is famous for watching floating clouds. There are cable cars for views of the mountains. As a result, it is easy to look around. And a lot of tourists come here to see these scenes.

    The Huangshan Mountains have many peaks. They are more than 1,000 meters (3,250 feet) high. In addition, the three tallest and best-known peaks are the Lotus Peak (Lianhua Feng, 1,864 meters), the Bright Peak (Guangming Ding, 1,860 meters), and the Celestial Sikh (Tiandu Feng, literally the final capital of paradise, 1,829 meters).

    Huangshan is a frequent topic of traditional Chinese painting and literature as well as modern photography. If you want to see this beautiful scenery, you can travel here.

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