• Forge of Empires Terracotta Army

    The Terracotta Army is the 5 largest tourist destination for travelers in China. About 1 million foreign tourists come to see it every year. The Terracotta Army was included by UNESCO in 1987 as a world beauty. It was discovered on March 29, 1974. It was first seen during the excavation of Patakua, a local farmer, about a mile from Emperor Qin Shi's tomb in Xi'an province. The place was mixed with underground water bodies and streams. For centuries, fragments of terracotta, brick, and other building materials were sometimes found in the area. The Terracotta Army was one of the largest artifacts of ancient Chinese pottery, grouped together.

    According to military status, statues vary in size. For example, the tallest statue is a commander. In addition to the warriors in the Terracotta Army, there are statues of chariots and horses. Terracotta troops The first statue of a terracotta soldier and horse, erected in the tomb of the Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.

    Terracotta Army

    Built between 210 and 209 BC, it is a tombstone industry. After the death of the emperor, these statues were erected in his tomb. According to the belief, this army will provide security for Emperor Qin's death later. In 1974, farmers discovered the statues in the Lintong district of Shaanxi province.

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