• Famous China Tourist Attractions

    Famous China Tourist Attractions

    China is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists. The number of tourists in this country has increased rapidly in recent times. The rise of the newly affluent middle class and the relaxation of sanctions on the movement of Chinese authorities are both enhancing this journey. As of 2018, China is the fourth most visited country in the world. This year, about 63 million foreign tourists come to the country. Tourists in China come to see the architectural patterns of ancient civilizations, the diverse climate, natural beauty,  modern cities, culture, sandy beaches, and accessible snow-white mountains. The food here is also quite attractive to tourists. So you can travel here very easily with a free mind.


    China usually allows a 90-day visa. Usually the validity 90 days, from the date of issue. otherwise, the visa will expire and then is null and void. China's visa process is easier than any other country in the world. Before going on tour, you must first check the latest security issues. Before going any further, you must first know what the latest policy is when traveling from the Embassy.  Then you can easily travel.

    Famous China Tourist Attractions

    Take to know what are the most popular tourist destinations in China-

    1. Great Wall of China
    2. Potala Palace
    3. Forbidden City
    4. Victoria Harbour
    5. Terracotta Army
    6. Li River Cruise
    7. Mount Huang
    8. Leshan Giant Buddha
    9. Hani Terraces
    10. Pudong Skyline
    11. Longmen Grottoes
    12. Jiuzhaigou
    13. West Lake
    14. Yungang Grottoes
    15. Reed Flute Cave
    16. Hanging Monastery
    17. Yangtze River Cruise
    18. Summer Palace
    19. Longji Terraces
    20. Mogao Caves
    21. Suzhou Gardens & Canals
    22. Tiger Leaping Gorge
    23. Zhouzhuang
    24. Wudang Mountains
    25. Lijiang Old Town
    26. Shilin Stone Forest
    27. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
    28. Three Pagodas
    29. Xi'an City Walls

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