• The French Culture and Traditions

    France is one of the most important nations in the Western world, historically and culturally. France has played an important role as a center of high culture around the world since the seventeenth century and the 19th century. Since the late nineteenth century, France has played a role in film, fashion, cooking, literature, technology, social science. So French culture has become one of the most interesting cultures in the world today.


    The official language of France is French language. Most people speak this language. However, many regional languages also speak French to various degrees as secondary, such as German dialect (Alsatian 1.88%), Celtic language (Breton 0.61%), and other Gallo-Romance languages.


    France is a constitutionally secular country. Most of the people in France abide by  Christianity. 60% of French citizens are Christians. Also agnostic 20%, atheist 13%, and Muslim 7%. Then, 25% do not adhere to any religion among them.


    French Style

    Normally menswear is sweatpants, pants, t-shirts, shirts, baseball hats, trousers, coats, shoes, jeans, etc. Women dress are skirts, jeans, sleeves, embroidered edgings, Shirt, Blouses & Shirts, Pienfu, Changpao, and Shenyi, Skirt, Trumpet Skirt, Jeans, etc


    Common dishes in France include bread, cottage baguettes, croissants, pain du chocolate, coffee, tea, or slices of bread topped with milk, eggs, cheese, and ham. Also, their dishes include aperitifs, hors d'oeuvres (which are usually soups, vegetables, or eggs), main plates (meat, pasta, or crop), a salad (which is usually served separately from the main plate), dessert, and so on. French dishes are often associated with rich desserts.


    French sport

    Football is the most popular sport in France. France is the winner of the FIFA Football World Cup in 1998 and 2018. Other popular sports are rugby union, cycling, tennis, handball, basketball, and boating. The modern Olympics were invented in France.

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