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    Noah Glass is an American software developer. He was born in America, 1 January 1981. He is the Founder & CEO of OLO the interface between restaurants and the on-demand world. He started an art scene whose mobile ordering work pre-dates the iPhone, ordering text messages on feature phones in 2005. Here is given a short biography of Noah Glass-

    • Name: Noah Glass 
    • Birth: 1 January 1981
    • Birth Place: Massachusetts, United States
    • Education: B.A. from Yale University

    After leaving Industrial Light and Magic, Mark worked on several projects with Cantor which later became Macromedia, the birthplace of Shockwave and later Flash animation and multimedia software.

    Glass later created an application that allows a user to access an audio blog entry from a remote cell phone location. His small start-up, known as OddBlog, eventually became part of a partnership with blogger Evan Williams of Blogger.com, and the pair later created a podcasting company called Audio.

    In 2006, being with OLO, Glass helped create and develop the seed idea for what might eventually become known as Twitter. Glass is not only the main driving force behind his original development, he is also responsible for coining the name "Twitter", it started as the short version "Twitter" and later changed to "Twitter". Nick Bilton's Hatching Twitter book credits Glass as a Twitter co-founder, helping to grasp the concept and design some of its key features.


    Noah Glass spent his childhood to Newton Center, Massachusetts. Glass began to study at Newton North High School. He completed graduation in political science from yale university.


    As a teenager, Glass worked as a delivery driver for a local restaurant pizza. He started a career as a software developer. He is the founder & CEO of OLO. He is most well known for being a software entrepreneur.

    Personal Life

    Noah married Ray's wife with his wife Keiko in 2008, but it's been more than two years since they saw each other. They had a daughter.

    Honorable & Awards

    Noah Glass is one of the most popular personalities in the current world. He is most popular for his twitter.

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